• 1 Inch top with natural edge on front, and sides straight edge (2 inch top available upon request).
  • Choose door/drawer pulls, or provide us with your own.
  • American made full extension drawer tracks used on all cabinets. 
  • We also have available on request- soft close, full extension drawer tracks.
  • Aromatic Cedar voids in wood filled with epoxy containing aromatic cedar sawdust. 
  • Nature of aromatic cedar wood turns brown as it ages.

Aromatic Cedar Bedroom Furniture

Nine Drawer Dresser                                        $2100
Six Drawer Dresser                                             $1466
Five Drawer Chest                                                $1374
Four Drawer Chest                                               $1070
Three Drawer Chest                                            $880
Nightstand without Drawers                       $495
One Drawer NS                                                      $500
Two Drawer NS                                                      $650
Three Drawer NS                                                  $780

We are no longer producing  furniture made from Mesquite, due to the increased cost, weight, and availability of this wood. Besides aromatic Cedar, we can manufacture your furniture from a variety of other woods. Please call (210) 441-2852 to inquire.

Enjoy the comforting warmth of fine aromatic cedar furniture and cabinetry from Bandera, Texas’ premiere artisanal carpenters of Ranchdressin.com.