• 1 Inch top with natural edge on front, and sides straight edge (2 inch top available upon request).
  • Choose door/drawer pulls, or provide us with your own.
  • American made full extension drawer tracks used on all cabinets. 
  • We also have available on request- soft close, full extension drawer tracks.
  • Aromatic Cedar voids in wood filled with epoxy containing aromatic cedar sawdust. 
  • Nature of aromatic cedar wood turns brown as it ages.

Aromatic Cedar Bedroom Furniture

  • 2 Inch slab used for headboard and footboard and table tops with natural edge exposed. 
  • 1 Inch planks used in the headboard and footboard with natural edge exposed. 
  • 4 Inch x 4 Inch Bed post or log posts. 
  • Mesquite voids in wood filled with black epoxy or turquoise available upon request. 
  • Nature of mesquite wood turns red as it ages. 

Bedroom: Dressers, Headboards and Related Items

Handcrafted Bedroom Furniture made from Aromatic Cedar or Mesquite 

Enjoy the comforting warmth of fine aromatic cedar furniture and cabinetry from Bandera, Texas’ premiere artisanal carpenters of Ranchdressin.com.

Artisan Crafted, Hand Made Furniture and Accessories

Mesquite Bedroom Furniture

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